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Three Steps to Walking in Faith

The amazing thing about Faith is that it works at all times. Faith is that tangible thing that we hold on to until what we are believing comes to fruition. Faith according to the scriptures is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen. The process of getting saved started with believing in God’s Word and confessing what we believe in our heart that Jesus as our Lord. As you understanding that faith is an issue of the heart, you can see where you have your faith directed towards. Faith is your unwavering belief for something that is not seen yet to come to past in your life. You would speak what you believe in your heart.

Now that you can see that faith is an issue of the heart, in order to walk by faith in the Word of God, you must first BELEVE THAT GOD IS! And He rewards those who diligently seeks him. TRUST in the Lord with ALL your hearts and lean not unto your on understanding but acknowledge him in ALL your ways.

Next you must ACKNOWLEDGE that your ways are not His Ways and surrender your ways to him according to his word. Allow him to LOVE you like he desires too love you and know and understand that his plans and purpose is to prosper you. As you acknowledge his ways you will begin to see that he works ALL things together for your good, according to his purpose. Even when you cannot see it, he’s still working on your behalf. You must Believe that his ways are far greater than yours.

Then RECEIVE the Holy Spirit of God who will lead and guide you to/through all truths. So, “Have Faith in God!” Submit yourself to the Lord (HIS LOVE), resist the devil (hinder forces of darkness) and he will flee from you. You can choose to BELIEVE GOD. Where you place your faith (belief) will determine walk. Remember that God Is Love and Faith works by His Love. The Bible says, these three abides; faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. Now, by believing that God Is, acknowledging His ways, and, receiving his un ending, you can rest in knowing that your walk of Faith in God will always be prosperous!

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