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Stand still, my child, and see my salvation! And know that you are my wonderful and fearfully made creation.

The rains are going to start soon, and the winds will blow strong But no matter how it looks, remember it won’t last long.

Yes, others are looking at you, wondering why you are in the rain Speculating what you did wrong, claiming they know the reason for your pain.

Don’t be afraid of their faces, and don’t listen to the words of man This is the moment where I can use you for my glory. So, I need you to stand.

Stand still, my child, and see my salvation! And know that I can strengthen you to be prepared for any temptation.

When it comes, count it all joy, for it is through your resistance That the enemy flees and causes you to gain more endurance.

Leading you on a path to wholeness where I will make you complete Wanting nothing with your cup running over, blessed from your head to your feet.

Live Holy through it all, no matter what you see Trust and live in the spirit, and through you, others will see my glory.

To whom much is given, much is required, and I’ve given so much in your hand But when the storm comes and when the battle rages, all that I need you to do is stand.

Stand still, my child, and see my salvation! Stand still, knowing your life is all part of the great equation.

Your gift plus your talents plus your anointing multiplied to the power of me. This equation was solved when I gave my Son, and the answer equals your destiny.

Your purpose, your calling, is yours to fulfill, but I’ve equipped you, so always know that you can. And when you feel that there is nothing else you can do, this is where it gets simple; stand.

Stand still, my child, and let me fight this battle for thee! For no matter what comes your way, you shall always be the victor; you will always live free.

So, trust me and have no fear; your life is in my hands! I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be still, my child; stand.

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