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Freedom Church of Albany bears the responsibility of connecting all types of people to a vibrant relationship with Christ and raising up leaders that will serve the region that God has appointed us to. We believe that by connecting to Freedom Life Groups, people are able to build meaningful relationships, grow in their faith, and develop the tools necessary for them to walk in their God ordained destiny.  View some of the ministries that we offer at Freedom Church of Albany and connect with us.  

Freedom Church Men's Ministr
Women's Ministry

Our calling and assignment is to assist women from all walks of life in embracing the full woman that they were created to become.  We exist to establish a sisterhood where women can gain the development, the insight, and the tools necessary to blossom into a wonderfully made woman in their homes, communities, and in the marketplace.  Wonderfully made women change the culture. 

Freedom Intercessors
Freedom Engagers
Hospitality, Greeters, Parking Lot Attendants, Altar Workers

Our assignment and ministry is vital in that we are the first anyone will encounter and engage with in our church culture.  We are the ones that will start people on their journey to freedom by demonstrating the heart, love, servant character of God.  Our mission is to create a friendly encounter, a safe haven, and a positive engagement with all diverse people and backgrounds we will meet. 

Freedom Praise Team
Freedom Innovators
Media, Photograph, Designers, Poets, Etc.

This groups consists of people who desire to serve in an innovative and creative way. Our assignment is to reveal the heart and mind of God through the channels of photograph, design, video, branding, etc.  Our mission is to speak to the hearts of men through untraditional methods that make all men see.

Men's Ministry

Our assignment is to standby and support men as we navigate through the journey of being broken from ungodly ties into a knowing the Father’s purpose, plan, and identity for us as men.  We seek to destroy the ungodly perceptions about men that exist in our culture. We embrace the boldness, diversity, and strength of men.  We fight for our God given identity and our right to walk in all that He has destined for us to do and become.

Women's Ministry

Intercession is the heart beat and is rooted at the core of Freedom Church of Albany.  We believe that this ministry of helps is God ordained for the purpose of walking spiritual insight, to have spiritual authority, and to have access to the heart and mind of God for His people and His places.  Our assignment is to release the mind of God through intense intercession, as co-laborers with Him to see His desires accomplished in the earth. 

Freedom Church Engagers
Freedom Worship Team
"The Bridge"

Our assignment is to produce a freeing and powerful environment of intimacy where the heart of individuals and can connect with God.  Our mission is to be the bridge that allows people to journey into the presence of God through the songs, music, and prophetic manifestations. 

Freedom Church Innovators
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