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Where are we located?

We come together for worship and fellowship at 600 Pine Ave., Albany, GA.  

What should I wear?

At Freedom, people wear everything from suits to casual wear.  We extend the invitation for you to come in whatever makes you feel comfortable.  Upon encountering Freedom, you will find a very relaxed and light atmosphere in regards to clothing.  We are a people who are more concerned about you, rather than your attire.

What are your worship experiences like?

Our worship services are designed to create a high level of engagement and intimacy. At Freedom you will find an atmosphere of liberation, which will make room for you to easily encounter the true and living God.  You will hear a mix of contemporary and traditional gospel music, followed by a teaching that is powerful and that aims to reveal truth and give the listener principles to apply to all aspects of their life.  

What should I expect on my first visit?

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with love and excitement by our greeters, welcoming you to Freedom.  As you enter into our worship facility, you may choose to seat wherever you are comfortable.  We do not take you making a choice to worship with us lightly. Because of this, you will receive a free gift from us as a token of your appreciation of you deciding to worship with us.  We respect all of your guests and visitors and will do our best to ensure that you are comfortable and not bring any embarrassment to you.


Do you have a mid – week worship experience?

Yes, we gather every Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. for fellowship and passionate teaching from the word of God.  

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