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When we hear the word ‘Repent,’ we typically associate it with something negative because the definition for repent means: feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin. Another meaning is to view or think of an action or omission with deep regret or remorse. To Bible admonishes us to repent, change our thinking and turn from our wicked ways and turn towards the ways of God. In its simplest term, everything that is not of God, is sin (evil, wicked, etc.). So, when we hear repent, it makes one feel inadequate. Even in the Church, people seem to have a tough time repenting.

Now Jesus, The Prince of Peace, The Righteous King, The Wonderful Counselor, The Awesome Ruler, The Potentate, The Gift of God, The Lamb of God, The Savior of Mankind, The Christ, The Conqueror of All Evil, The Lover of Our Soul, The Redeemer, The Mighty God, The First & The Last, The Alpha & The Omega, The Beginning & The End, just to name a few, said: “REPENT, for the kingdom of HEAVEN is here!” I can understand better why repentance comes only from heaven and it is reserved for you and me.

As we BECOME AWARE of WHO WE ARE AND WHO’S WE ARE, we will appreciate this great gift of repentance. The best thing that we could do is to develop a life of repentance and be restored. God’s goal is to restore us from condemnation, but we have a responsibility to repent of our ways and surrender to the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Spirit of this World is already condemned, and he and his cohorts cannot repent. The gift of repentance belongs to mankind. If you want what God desires for you, you must repent (turn from your ways and towards his ways) and remember that repentance is not a request, it is a requirement.

So again, as you realize who you are and who’s you are, you would be very ready to receive your gift of repentance and begin to walk into your newness of life in Christ. God has done his part, “The Stone has been Rolled Away”, “The Portal has been Opened” and “The Veil has been Ripped!” It is time to REPENT and let the Kingdom of Heaven Reign in your heart. Use your gift of Repentance and be restored.

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