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"Let there be..."

So you’ve been feeling discomfort within? Things have been feeling a bit peculiar, but you can’t quite figure out what’s happening, right? Congratulations! You are undergoing spiritual and personal surgery. It’s a time of maturity, shifting, and upgrading. In the book of Genesis, God spoke the world into existence according to his divine will. He said, “Let there be…, and it was. He also spoke over your life, and you can’t forget that “he who began a great work in you will continue to perfect and complete it until the day of Christ” (Philippians 1:6 AMP). He knew who you would be in eternity. At this time, you are transitioning into new wineskin (Luke 5:36-38 AMP). Right now, concerning you, the Father is saying, “Let there be the upgraded (internally) you.” During this time in life, two main things will happen: You will have a paradigm shift and an appetite shift.

A paradigm is a perspective or set of ideas and standards. What does this look like? The paradigm shift will be a major change in how you think or process things and situations. No more surface level thinking. You are becoming new, so you will definitely be open to new thought patterns that line up with where God wants to take you. It’s as if your mind is being renewed (Romans 12:2). You will learn how to manage your feelings and not take things so personally. You will consider the impact before you make a move (action, decision) instead of moving on impulse (a sudden and unreflective desire to act). Decisions will be thought out a little deeper. You will bounce back from offenses quicker than before. You will also learn to rest in the Father more because you are not moving in your own efforts. There is something that he wants you to birth or bring forth, so all of these changes are necessary because Luke 5:37 tells us that new wine cannot be poured into old wineskin. A paradigm shift is good for the overall development of the soul.

Now here is when the real discomfort comes. There will also be a shift in your inner (spiritual) appetite. This is also a time of transition, so you will hunger for the new that the Father is bringing you into. Where you are currently feels uncomfortable for a reason. He is changing you and developing you. You are craving something different (job, marriage, purpose, etc.). There is now a desire to walk in the actual purpose of God for your life, and you will not be complacent (Matthew 5:6). Now, this shift will require more of you in order to not become complacent. What do I mean? Well, you will need increased discipline. You will be a better steward of time and focus. This also means that you will need to be careful of the counterfeit opportunities that may come your way. Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek the kingdom, and everything else will be added. Every good opportunity or plan is not a God opportunity or plan. We must seek the Father for direction in every area of our lives. What we want may not be his will for us, so our appetites must be healthy.

Don’t despise what you have been feeling. Instead, process it and remain diligent in prayer. Don’t reject the paradigm or appetite shifts. Get ready for what the Father is about to birth through you. Your future is now! Welcome to your new season. Let there be… the upgraded YOU!

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