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"God's Design: The Big Blended Family"

As I consider my current blessing of being in a “blended family” and writing this month’s blog I heard, “ Show me something that God can't heal! I’ve seen more healing and miracles in my immediate family, our children, their other parents and the access to pray and see things come to pass from situations that were supposed to be dead AFTER divorce!!! BUT It's His redemptive plan to restore!” And in that thought I present to you that we are all a big blended family!! Blended families indeed represent beautiful examples of restoration, showcasing the transformative power of love, forgiveness, and resilience. Here's why:

Redemption through Love: Blended families often arise from circumstances involving loss, separation, or change. Through the love shared within these families, individuals find healing and restoration from past hurts and brokenness. And if you can think back… remember the moment that Jesus became real to you. You felt lost, disconnected and broken. But it was by the love of the Father through a person you felt something different. A love that didn’t have requirements other than for you to get what you needed!!! And when you accepted Jesus Christ you were probably told, “Welcome to the family!!” This family you weren’t born into but by Jesus's blood and salvation you were now bonded!!

Forgiveness and Reconciliation:  In blended families, members often navigate complex emotions and histories. Yet, they demonstrate the capacity to forgive past grievances, reconcile differences, and move forward with renewed hope and unity. And in the body of Christ it is our mission to love through forgiveness!!! We model the undeserving love of God when we forgive just as He does for us DAILY!! Forgiveness creates a safe place to reconcile! It is an action that invites an unbelievable transplant of healing not only in the Spirit BUT in the physical!

Adaptability and Flexibility: Blended families exemplify adaptability and flexibility as they merge different backgrounds, traditions, and experiences. They embrace diversity and learn to appreciate each member's unique contributions to the family dynamic. In this aspect we remember that we are all different parts to the body of Christ. As some are the hands, others are the feet, some are the mouth piece. But we all must move forward with ONE mission and are used in different ways according to how He created us!

We often say that blood is thicker than water. And when we consider that we become sisters and brothers in Christ, with His blood flowing through us we build strong bonds with others that God sends to help us overcome challenges together, some which our natural families could not help us with. Through shared experiences, celebrations, and even trials, we forge connections that transcend blood ties, illustrating the power of chosen family and unconditional love.

Finally but not the last thought, being apart of a blended family has shown me personally a testament to God's Grace!! Ultimately, blended families serve as living testimonies to God's grace and ability to bring beauty from brokenness. We reflect His heart for restoration, reconciliation, and the healing of relationships, inspiring others with our resilience and love that the world can’t give.

So welcome to the BIG blended families!! We stand as shining examples of restoration, illustrating how God's transformative love can bring wholeness and joy to individuals and families- show me something God can’t heal and I will show you FAMILY from all different backgrounds, testimonies, situations, circumstances that are BONDED by Christ!!!

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