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Honoring Mankind: A Posture of Love!

When honoring others, the Power of Love is bestowed upon the person who receives and give honor. Though love is not a feeling that would cause us to do something, it is the GIFT OF GOD and an action that is consistently manifested through those who possess it. Honor is a by-product of Love! You cannot honor without love, and you do not love without honoring! As we are to love unconditionally, we are to show honor to whom honor is due; without conditions attached. When someone makes a declaration of honor to someone or something, you should see the demonstration of a greater measure of respect towards what they honor.

We learned the meaning of honor through multiple sources, but we developed the act of honoring through our journey of life. Like God’s Love, honor commands a change in the atmosphere. It promotes the recipient to feel empowered to do good and pleasant things for the edifications of others. In honoring, we speak words of affirmation to provoke others to feel good and to do good.

So, before man learned anything, God had given him everything! Think about it, all that God IS, he gave to us when he breathed into us which is the empowerment to show honor to others through love.

To honor someone is a part of us because it is the character of God in us. We have the God given right to bestow upon others the honor that God has breathed into all of us. As we demonstrate honoring, unconditionally, we become transformed by the power of the Word of God that Rom 12:1-2 shares with us. We love because He first loved us, and we honor because he first honored us!

So, I will leave you with this, has your life been transformed in the way that shows honor to God and humanity?

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