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Being aware to become

In elementary school, we learned that a verb is an action word. However, there are certain verbs that do not require a physical action. There is a special category called the “be” verbs. The “be” verbs are: are, am, is, being, were, been, and was. The first three verbs convey a state of present-tense being. Isn’t it interesting that some verbs convey action (doing), and some verbs convey a state of being? There are two main hindrances to our “being.” First, there is the unawareness of this whole concept of what life should really look like in God. Secondly, an impure heart can hinder us from being who we are supposed to be on Earth.

Genesis 5:1 says, “When God created Man, he made him in the likeness of God” (AMP Bible). This verse speaks of spiritual personality and moral likeness. “Being aware that we were put here just to “be” gives us freedom and confidence” (DeCarlo Marcus, 2022). What do we need the confidence and freedom to do? We need it in order to walk in faith, authority, and power. Those are the three ingredients that we need in order to just “be” just as Christ and the Father “was” and still “is.” What do I mean by all of this? Well, Exodus 3:14 mentions God as being the “I AM.” As our “I AM,” he is everything we need, right? He is not becoming what we need; he IS what we need. Because of this, he has already taken care of all of our needs. Because he is the “I AM,” he upholds his covenant with us by “being” our provider, Father, healer, protector, peace, etc. Most believers are unaware of their God-nature. We were made in his image, and he lives on the inside of us (1John 4:4). Oftentimes, we look for solutions that are on the inside of us. We “are” a solution for something on Earth, so instead of saying “I lack this” or “I don’t have that,” say “I AM” and “I already have.” That’s the power and authority we have by having faith in who the Father says we are.

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